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Sunday, 15 August 2010

Classic Black

Rebels Gamble Shoe
$43 - buckle.com
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Some people ask me why I wear black a lot and if Muslim women have to always wear black. The answer is no, Islam doesn't give a colour code, but even though I wear other colours, I wear black a lot because its classic, you can dress it up or down and wear it with most colours and it will look good. 

I bought a jilbab from la rein by lawung at the GPU in 2008, its not the same as the one in the collage but is in the same range (I couldn't find a picture of the jilbab I bought but I might take a picture of it and upload it) I love that jilbab because its not too flashy, the material is really high quality and looks extremely elegant, you can dress it up with pink, blue, black or silver accessories and dress it down with a cardigan or a black hijab. 

I would recommend la rein jilbab's but I think you should keep one thing in mind when purchasing one - the size. The sizes I found are really odd I'm a size 8 but I bought a size 10 which just about fits. It seems as though these jilbabs are made for really tall and skinny people as I had to trim and sew mine at the bottom as well. If you think you may put on a bit of weight then i suggest you get 2 sizes bigger but in general you should get a size up.

The look I have shown here is a mixture of casual everyday and evening dinner party. For an everyday look go for the kooba type bags and lose the jewelery. The rayban sunglasses can add that classy and stylish touch for summer. For a dinner party with friends or a family get together accessorize your outfit with black, grey and dark silver. The gray and black cardigan is actually part of the jilbab and from what I can remember is not detachable.

I don't encourage anyone to wear their scarf as worn by the model in the picture, as having hair on show is does not meet the criteria of hijab. Some of the items here are quite expensive but its not too hard to find something similar for a lot cheaper, in clairs accessories or monsoon.

My fav part of this outfit has definitely got to be the Kenneth jay swarovski ring.

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