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Monday, 16 August 2010

Fajita's are yum!

I love fajita's, for iftar today we decided to go Mexican and make fajita's. I've made them before and they are great. The old el paso fajita dinner kit makes Mexican easy peasy, it has everything in there including the spices, tortillas and the salsa sauce. All you need to add is chicken breast, peppers and onions (of course you can add anything you want).

It also doesn't take very long to make. I suggest you buy the kit and have a go, my favorite is the smoky bbq, but I've only tried one other different one.  I recommend using a wok when making the filling as it may stick to the pan and just taste burnt. Let me also just add be careful when putting things into a hot wok with oil, you don't want to have any accidents like I did today. Yes I was a bit dumb to throw the ingredients into a hot wok of oil without turning the heat down and now I have burn marks in the shape of oil splatters on my arms )= ouch! Even if you think you can't cook, it doesn't get simpler than this, you'll be surprised.

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  1. lol theyy are yumm thoseee and tacos are my favz welll one of my favs

    ps nice blog sister