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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Let your eye's speak

Your eyes are a gateway to your heart, so why not add some of your personality to your eye make up. If you want to make a statement why not try some of these bright ideas. These make up ideas are inspiration for sister only parties and I do not recommend anyone do their make up like this in front of non- mahram men. The make up in some of these pictures are real and in others the images have been edited to demonstrate the effect one can achieve with make up.

Tropical orange & pink- This eye make up has been created with barry m dazzle dust. It is a mixture of an orangy gold colour and a bright pink. (sorry I can't remember the actual colours). The barry m dazzle dust came in a set of 4, but you can buy each one separately. The look is perfect to go with an orange and pink outfit.
Lemon and Lime- These eye shadows are a mixture of bright yellow and a lime green. For eyes that brighten up a whole room.
Metallic blue- Add some dark blue or black eye shadow to the edges of the eyes to give a smokey look. The metallic blue should be done with dazzle dust to give a sparkly look.
Dazzling Peach- This peachy colour is brilliant for people with a tanned complexion as it might not stand out enough on somebody with a lighter complexion. Add some golden shimmer to the brow bone, some black volumising mascara and black liquid eye liner to get this dazzling look.
Blue and Purple- This eye make up was again done with barry m dazzle dust but the purple was mixed with some black eye shadow at the edges of the eye's to make it darker. For small eyes like these make sure the eye liner is very thin and the eye shadow does not go to high and close to the eye brows.
Bubble gum blue and lime green- For a fun, summery look go for a bubble gum blue and a bit of lime green at the edges of the eyes. Take care not to go too much above the eye lid as blues can be over powering and you don't want to look like a drag queen.
Aubergine Purple- I love love love this dark purple colour. To make the colour of an eye shadow stand out use some primer before you put the eye shadow on. It will look stunning with a purple asian outfit. Although in this picture I am not wearing any eye liner, thin, black liquid eyeliner following the shape of the eyes and the flick following the eye shadow at the edges will just finish off the look.
 Purple & blue combo-This look has been carried out using barry m dazzle dust and some light transparent shimmer on the brow bone to make the eyes really stand out. A very pretty colour combination.
Yellow & Blue; Brown & white- This yellow and blue combination reminds me of a tropical bird and goes well with a blue hijab. For both of these looks make sure the colours are blended in where the two colours meet.

So those are my hijabi party chick dazzling eyes make up ideas. The looks won't suit everyone, but have a go and see what suits you.

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