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Thursday, 2 September 2010

Men are from Mecca, Women are from Medina

You've all heard of Baba Ali right? Well now he's not only doing youtube reminders for fellow Muslims with a sense of humour, he's started his own halal matchmaking site (halfourdeen.com). As part of his marriage series he's made a few video's titled 'Men are from Mecca, Women are from Medina' With the divorce rate's amongst Muslims rising, the video's are ways to try and get men and women to try to understand (or at least think about) how their other half thinks differently from themselves in order to avoid pointless arguments that may lead to a broken relationship.

In the first part Baba Ali tries to explain why men get stressed...please note that what he says does not relate to every single man and is from a psychological point of view. Watch the video below.

So do you think your husband is like this? Maybe you've never thought of it like this, but after watching this video you have begun to understand why your other half might get annoyed with you or think you are nagging? or has Baba Ali got it completely wrong?

In part 2 Baba Ali tries to explain why women get stressed and how they deal with it.

Again this is a generalisation and does not mean all women are like this. But he's got it spot on, I hate(!) it when people interrupt me whilst I'm on a flow about my problem(s) because it makes me feel like they're not listening to what you have to say, rather they just want to shut me up by giving lots of solutions to the problem, even though to them, they feel like they are helping. So is this how you deal with your stress?

The next video is not in the Men are from Mecca, Women are from Medina series but is part of Baba Ali's marriage series. The video is called 'Why Women love shopping' (I just had to add this one in here)

Again the video is a generalisation so please don't take offense to what the brother has said.
In this video I think Baba Ali has generalised too much, I mean some women do go shopping and browse for absolutely ages, come home with nothing and say they've had a great day. However, I am definitely not like that. Yes, I do like going shopping, even when I haven't got something specific to buy and I do like to shop around before I buy something, but I hate it when people go into shops try things on take absolutely ages and then walk out of the shop with nothing. What are you like when shopping? Have you ever given a second thought to what your husband might be feeling like when he's out shopping with you? Or maybe your husband is like this instead of you.

I totally understand the thing about the husband walking around behind his wife, who is having the time of her life, walking in an out of different shops, trying things out and not buying anything because my aunt and uncle are just like that, which is why it made me laugh when he said that, just remembered the last time I went shopping with the 2 of them, I got more annoyed than my uncle, either after so many years of being married he's just got used to it or he has a lot of patience. However, my dad is the total opposite, he gets angry and frustrated when we walk in and out of different shops or can't find something we like, to be fair he is shopping with 4 women, (myself, my two sisters and my mum) so it must be a bit annoying, but compared to my uncle he has no patience (at all).

With me, I will go into a shop have a quick look around (or go straight to the thing I want to buy) and if it's not there or not what I expected I walk straight back out, I don't keep browsing and looking at things I'm not going to buy. Guess my future husband has it easy hey?

Check out some more of Baba Ali's marriage video's on youtube in the 'Ummah films" channel. Whether your married or not I think these video's are a great way to remind us that people are different and not everyone thinks in the same way as us. InshaAllah these video's have helped you to think about and try to understand your husband (or future husband)

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