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Saturday, 30 October 2010

Competition time!

Salaam all,

We have reached 100 fans on the iHijabi fan page on facebook, so to celebrate I am giving away personalised canvases (embellished with Swarovski crystals) to the winners of the competition and 10% off hijab pins on islamfactory.com (the website is still under construction so the pictures for the hijab pins are included below).

To enter the competition you have to be over 18 years old, or have parents/guardians permission to enter the competition.

You have 2 options:

1- Send in a picture (photograph, drawing, illustration) of something that reminds you about the beauty of Islam. (e.g. Hijab, Value of Family, Creation, Unity....)

2- Submit a poem (no longer than 100 words, but can be less) about the prophets of Islam (can be one prophet or more than one)

Send your entry in to ihijabi@gmail.com or alternatively upload it to the facebook fan page. Please leave your name and location with the entry.

Closing date for the competition is 30th November 2010 and the winners will be announced on the 3rd of December 2010 inshaAllah.

Hijab pins by Jhorna B on Islamfactory.com

Many of these hijab pins are unique and you will only find one of its kind. The prices are still to be confirmed but I hear they start from £2 and range to £10.

So get creative and send your entries in before the 30th of November 2010 to be in with a chance of winning inshaAllah!


  1. Masha'Allah, they're all really pretty!


  2. Dear iHijabi, I am interested in some aspects of muslim thinking. For example, I have noticed, that on your facebook profile is written, that you wanna a big islamic state under sharia.
    Don't you think, as an inteligent girl living in a independent and rich country with one of the oldest democracies on the world, that sharia is not that good at all? For example, it considers women as not equal to men (in courtrooms). In western countries, it was a thought that dominated in 18. and beginning of 19. century, but now we know (and have pretty convincing proofs), that there is no difference between men and women inteligence. How can you put forward an idea, that you are not equal to men? Just because some old book tells you that you are?
    I was just curious, how someone, who is living in western country that loves and promotes an independent thinking, can stil have those old fashioned ideas, that is all.


  3. Dear Jane,

    I'm glad you think that I am intelligent and have independent thinking, because that is one of the things I was hoping to get across to the world, that Muslim women are not oppressed and they do have a mind of their own and a voice of their own.

    Now to answer your question. In Islam women are considered equal to men, however, it also acknowledges the point that women are different from men. So men are better at some things than women and visa versa.

    The thing about having 2 women witnesses and 1 male witness has nothing to do with intelligence. It is well known that men and women think and behave differently. Men have a more justice orientated thinking where as women have a more care orientated thinking. In a court of law it is preferred to have a male witness as they have better memory and a justice orientated thinking. Women may get their emotions involved in the situation which may in turn result in them forgetting things or not bearing testimony to something as accurately as a man. Therefore 2 women are required so that they can remind each other if the other has left something out.

    To be honest, I don't even know what democracy is...Britain is not a democracy, look the election system for example depending on where you live your vote counts more than somewhere else. Is democracy run by a man who makes promises then goes back on his word and does the exact thing he promised his people he wouldn't do? Is democracy going to war with Iraq when majority of the country marched against it? is Britain really a democracy? Or is it a state run by the rich who make sure the rich stay rich......

  4. .....
    Look at the state of the economy in the West. I can assure you that Britain would not be in this state if it was under Sharia law (which forbids interest which only makes the rich richer and the poor poorer)

    Sharia law does not make women weaker than men in fact Islam gave women rights loooong before the west even considered women as human beings. (please read the post titled 'the true face of feminism' to get my views on the equality between men and women)

    I would also like to know how and why you think Britain is an independent country? In fact Britain relies heavily on many countries to just survive. Look at how we rely on Japan for technology and China and India for many goods, the Middle East for oil and fuel. We rely solely on many countries for food that you cannot grow in the UK. Please tell me what Britain produces for itself. Do you really think Britain is independent? Think about it properly.

    Also how can you say this country is 'rich' if you want to see a rich country have a look at Dubai and the other middle eastern.

    Honestly sis, this country would be so much better if it were ruled under sharia law. I got the feeling from your comment that you have not really understood the essence of Islamic jurisprudence. Look at the justice system of this country, the prisons are full of criminals and the tax payer pays out so much money to keep them in prison. We are also running out prison space for the rising number of convicts. The majority people that come out of prison re offend when they come out.

    There is no respect for elders, the value of family has disintegrated with the rise of divorce rates and rise of fornication and adultery. Women are being exploited and being taught that this is normal and something good. Now tell me is 'democracy' really working?

    Society has broken down and I really do believe that Sharia will bring some stability to it.

    I believe that I am not inferior to men and that in the eyes of God I am equal to a man.

    Allah made woman from the rib of Adam; Not from his head to be superior to him; nor from his feet to be inferior to him; but from his side to be equal to him; under his arm to be protected by him; and close to his heart to be loved by him. This is what my HOLY BOOK tells me.

    An interesting book I recommend you read is a book called 'from my sisters lips' by Na'ima B Robert, a Muslim convert who explains why she became a Muslim and her views on women in Islam,

    I hope I have answered your questions and I sincerely hope that you do go away and do some research on sharia law and equality between men and women in Islam from reliable sources.


  5. Hi iHijabi, I am glad that your response is really thorough and that you even let my post to be published on the wall... most muslims just hate any sign of criticism and they react quite violently (my personal experience).

    Thank you for your explanation, but I have to say that I have read those very same arguments from every muslim I know... (approx 10)

    You say that women have different thinking, that their point of view is often confounded with their emotions and that on the other hand men are able to remember things more precisely. I don't think that this is 100% true. Of course, there is a lot of quite emotional women and a lot of men with precise reasoning, but not every man and woman can be placed in that category. For example, I have a precise reasoning, hate gossips and my job is theoretical science. On the other hand, my friend Thomas gossips all the time, and he even make thing up and he is therefore totally unreliable source of any information (sorry Tom). We are both perfectly straight.
    I can see problem of islam in trying to force people into those two distinct categories, but believe me, human nature is much more complicated that: "women have to bear children, men have to work."
    You wrote a lot about independency and nonfunctioning democracy and I don't have a time to respond to all of this, I am sorry. But I can see you monochromatic view on the world: western people do not like their elders, women are forced to look sexy... atc. For the record, I adore my grandma, I spent a huge amount of time with her... & no one force women to wear sexy hot red miniskirts to be successful in work, in life etc. I have spend all my life in beige trousers and black T-shirt (certainly not sexy nor good-looking), but I am quite successful (in work and carnal relationships). The thing is: In the western countries YOU CAN CHOOSE. You can be erotic & juiced OR you can wear horrific beige trousers and no one cares. The thing I dislike about shariah is that you have to. You were born as a woman and you have to wear skirt and scarf... etc. :-)



  6. The reasons I have pointed out are not about individuals its more to do with society as a whole.

    You do know the thing about men and women in court is only applicable to certain cases to do with business and finance. The other day I heard about an elderly man who was near 100 years old got beaten up by a group of 10-14 year old's Obviously these children were never taught respect for the elderly. Honestly don't you ever think to yourself 'what is the world coming to?' when you hear about things like this?

    Anyway I see you have your monochromatic view about Islam: Women are oppressed, Men rule the world and women have no say, it's a religion of restrictions bla bla bla. But I'd just like you to know the Islamic empire was the most successful empire in the world and Muhammad (pbuh) was the most successful leader in the world even to this day. (His legacy is still thriving).

    If Islam was such an oppressive religion I wonder why it is the fastest growing religion in the world today, with twice as more women converting to Islam than men?

    The difference between you and many Muslims is that we don't live to enjoy this life and have fun and do things that seem 'fun' but harm the mind, body and soul, we live our lives striving for paradise and the pleasures of the hereafter.

    However, ...I have my beliefs and you have yours, so for you is your way and for me is mine...(The Holy Quran)