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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Style my hijab: Spring/Summer....Corsage headbands

I received the next spring/summer directory the other days so I thought I would look through it and see what the theme is for this spring/summer and found that its big flared trousers and loose jersey jumpsuits, but what caught my eye was a corsage headband on the jewellery page, it was super pretty and I could just imagine it with a nice floral or plain pastel pink hijab worn in a layered style.

I then searched on the net for a while to find some hijab tutorials or pictures of hijab styles using a corsage headband but I couldn't find any that were nice )= so instead I searched google images for corsage headbands and found a few that I thought would look stunning with hijab.

The headband from next cost £8 and I didn't buy it because I think its a bit much for a headband seeing as I'd only wear it on special occasions. But if I do buy a corsage headband then I'll show you how it looks with hijab.

I definately think corsage headbands are a hijabi must have accessory for this spring/summer.

 [Images taken from google images]

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