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Thursday, 28 April 2011

iHijabi jilbab collecion (sneak preview)

 As some of might know I have been in the process of getting some of my jilbab's made, this post is  sneak preview of the first jilbab designed by me and made exclusively for iHijabi, by our amazingly professional tailor, sister Rahima (the jilbab collection will be sold on islamfactory.com as well iA)

This jilbab is similar to the urban hooded jilbab (see my jilbab design sketches post) but has been modified to give it a more elegant look and make it multifunctional.
The inner jilbab is a beautiful plum colour with pleated sleeves, black crystals around the waist, black ribbon at the bottom and beaded lace on the rim of the bottom of the jilbab.

The outer piece is a long black hooded jilbab with 3/4 length sleeves (so you can see the pleated sleeves) and a big hood (it is a fashion hood and wasn't made for practicality but I guess you can wear it up as well), the black outer piece gives the jilbab a more professional and classy look.

Both were made to be worn together but the inner piece can be worn on it's own and the outer piece can be worn with another one of your jilbab's to instantly make your outfit ready for work (=

This jilbab will be perfect to wear in autumn as it may be too hot to wear in the summer, the next couple being made will be suitable for the summer and one will be made perfect for all seasons iA.

Once the rest of my collection has been made I will post images on here and they will be uploaded to www.islamfactory.com/store I'll also give you all the information you need to get the same one tailor made to your size.

So what do you think? Leave your feedback below iA (=

UPDATE: Due to unforseen circumstances (and life taking over) this project is on hold indefinitely, maybe one day I will put some more time and effort into this and make my designing dream come true iA


  1. That design is beautiful. I love colors.

    You have one customer already! :)

  2. Thank you so much (=

    I'll give you the details on what to do if you want to buy one when I've had the other 2 made inshaAllah (=

  3. I love this design!keep up the good work.

  4. Rahima@OurJilbabs29 April 2011 at 12:45

    Salaams sister, glad you all like..it was fun and I enjoyed making it.

    Ourjilbabs X

  5. iHijabi,

    I love your design. As a professional muslimah, I am finding it increasingly difficult to find appropriate work wear jilbabs. Have you get any of those planned?

  6. One more thing about the jilbab, can you take into account that we need to wudhu with the jilbab on? So maybe have a concealed zip on the sleeve if the sleeves are fitted?

  7. Salaam sister Sal, I don't have a work wear one being made at the moment (I do have some designs for work wear) but I'm sure the ones that are being made can be adapted for work.

    As for the sleeves yes, a zip can be incorporated into the design instead of eyelets. We've had a little bit of a set back due to an unforeseeable reason so there may be a delay in the launch and whole process, but let's just see what happens inshaAllah, make du'a (= xxx

  8. Assalamualykum sister. i want to know,that how can i buy it.can u ship it?

    1. Wsalaam, this project is on hold until further notice, I will let you know on my blog when we start up again iA