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Friday, 8 April 2011

Sporty Muslimah

Now that summers coming up and the weather is getting warmer many sisters may be thinking about taking up a sport, hitting a (women's only) gym or going for a jog in the beautiful warm mornings (or just wish that they could). I know sisters that love or would love to play sport, many of them put off sport due to issues with hijab and it not staying in place whilst taking part in a sport or sportswear not being modest enough. So I 've had a look at some modest sportswear for the sisters out there who want to get back into sport.

First up are some mega sporty hijabs to not only get you looking the part but most importantly being secure and keeping you covered.

Finesse Hijab 

 Sale Price: £18.95

At last, modest sports hijabs for Muslim women! Feel secure and modest whilst giving your body its rights to exercise. SHUKR’s unique sports hijabs fit securely, but comfortably around the face, and have extended front and back sections to cover you completely. There is also an inside supportive band which is worn to the back of the head for extra stability.
 Description: bone piece; dual color; contrast bias trim; inside supportive band; extended front and back sections.

Optima Hijab

 Sale Price: £18.95

[Same description as above]

Now lets move on to some modest fitting hoodies.....

Short Sleeve Hoodie 

Sale Price:  £44.95
This striking, flexible hoodie is made for active women. The perfect layer to your modest workout outfit, catch yours today because they’re moving fast!

This unique fabric is ideal for sportswear. The cotton keeps you cool, the polyester wicks away perspiration from the body, and the elastane gives the fabric some stretchable flexibility.

Description: hits just short of knee; hood; zipped opening; short sleeves; 2 large angular pouch pockets; contrast piping.

I absolutely love the look of this hoodie! it's so sporty looking yet modest. Also available in colours black, maroon.

On The Go Contrast Hoodie

Sale Price: £34.95

Another great hoodie from SHUKR! Soft and simple, put anything in its convenient pockets. Extra comfortable, you’ll wear it everywhere.

Description: hits mid-thigh; hood; zipped opening; contrast bias trim on hood. sides of zipper, and ends of sleeves; 2 front angled pouch pockets.

Other colours include: lavender, faded denim, warn taupe and silver lining

Amal Cotton Jersey Hoodie

Sale Price: £42.95

This trendy, fun cotton jersey hoodie will be your go-to casual top. Wear it to the gym, to class, or around the house all day long. It’s that comfortable! Pair it with our Amal Cotton Jersey Exercise Skirt for a matching set.

Description: hits mid-thigh; hood with contrast drawstrings; zipped neck opening; contrast bias trim on sides of zipper and extending to pouch pocket

Other colours include slate & black

For longer options.....

Colourblock sporty dress

Sale price: £48.95

This unique dress has a slight nautical flair. Sporty, fun, and oh, so comfortable.

Description: full length; round collar; contrasting horizontal color panels; elasticized cuffs.

Other colours include: Maroon, off white and blue

Active long vest 

Sale Price: £34.95

This casual sporty top is just the thing you’ve been looking for. Comfortable and stylish, it’s fantastic for layering. Look fashion forward with minimal effort.

Description: hits knee; hook and loop closure; 2 deep pouch pockets.

Other colours include: Pink & blue

And Finally some trousers & long skirts...

On The Go Trousers

Sale Price: £24.95

Looking for that perfect pair of trousers to get you through the day? These are it. Wear them to work, or even to work out. You’ll look and feel great either way. Match these sporty trousers with our On The Go Contrast Hoodie for a striking workout set. Extra comfortable, you’ll wear them everywhere.

Description: ribbed, elasticized waist; 2 front patch pockets; non-functional buttons. Imported.

Also available in navy blue

Ruched Elasticized Waist Trousers

Sale Price: £34.95

These super-comfortable trousers are perfect for working out in. Featuring a comfort-fit ruched elasticized waist, you’ll wear them everywhere.

This unique fabric is ideal for sportswear. The cotton keeps you cool, the polyester wicks away perspiration from the body, and the elastane gives the fabric some stretchable flexibility.

Description: full length; ruched, elasticized waist.

Other colours include: Black & dark blue

Ribbed Elasticized Waist Trousers with Pockets

 These loose, straight legged trousers feature a comfortable elasticized waist. Whether you’re in sports, working out, or relaxing at home, these will be your first choice.

This unique fabric is ideal for sportswear. The cotton keeps you cool, the polyester wicks away perspiration from the body, and the elastane gives the fabric some stretchable flexibility.

Description: full length; ribbed, elasticized waist; 2 front patch pockets with zips.

Other colours include: navy blue, black and dark brown

Folded Elasticized Waist Skirt

Sale Price: £34.95

This is the go-to skirt for the sporty sister, or anyone looking for an all-around comfortable fit.

Description: full length; elasticized thin hidden waistband with overlapping self fabric cover.

And that's that, to visit the SHUKR store to check out their full range of sporty, yet feminine and modest sportswear click here

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  1. Lets make modesty affordable8 April 2011 at 00:49

    I just wish Shukr was CHEAPER! why make modesty expensive!

  2. I know exactly what you mean. But bear in mind the quality of the clothes, the clothes is made from the highest quality materials and stitched (a lot of them by hand by a skilled worker).

    Also when you buy clothes off the highstreet they're cheaper due to the fact that most of the clothes is made in sweatshops in poorer countries.

    This is the reason a lot of abaya's and Islamic clothing shops are more expensive, the same way fairtrade chocolate is more expensive than normal chocolate and organic products are more expensive than the supermarket brand.

    InshaAllah one day when these shops get into better business they can bring the prices down without compromising quality.

  3. yeah, Shukr has beautiful clothing.

    I like the sporty hijabs.