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Monday, 13 June 2011

Advice for sisters going to hospital for an X-ray

As you may already know, I study Radiography (x-rays and scans and stuff) Working in a hospital I see a lot of Muslim women who, for obvious reasons don't know what to expect when it comes to x-rays and sometimes wear things that are unsuitable for an x-ray which requires them to change into a gown and sometimes take off their hijab.

There is no guarantee that you will get a female radiographer so this is a short note on what you should wear depending on what your going to get x-rayed to maintain your modesty as much as possible and avoid awkward and unpleasant situations.

Head, Sinuses, Eyes, Face, Teeth/jaw, Neck (C-spine)

Don't wear any jewellery at all this includes rings and necklaces.

Don't wear hijab pins (maybe wear an al-mona hijab)

no metal hair clips, bobby pins, hairbands with metal etc etc.

For your neck you may need to lift up your hijab so that they can see your neck to position you.

Avoid wearing hijabs with embroidery, sequins etc.

If someone asks you to take your hijab off for anything besides the neck let them know that you have nothing metal on, but be sure that you really do have nothing metal on.

Chest/lungs, T-spine (back), shoulder, clavicles (collar bone).

Wear a completely plain (thin) top with no sequins, embroidery, logos etc

Make sure you have no metal on around the area to be x-rayed (this includes hooks & fastenings on your bra & under garments, you will be told to remove your bra)

Again avoid wearing necklaces.

You can wear a completely plain abaya with no patterns or sequeins or anything on it, when they ask you to change just take your undergarments off but put your abaya back on, explain to them it's plain and that you have nothing metal on, they should be ok with it.

Arms, elbows, wrist, hand, fingers

Wear a thin long top under your abaya/jilbab which covers your arms but is fitted, they may ask you to roll up your sleeves otherwise. Don't wear bracelets, rings or watches.

Hips, Pelvis, lower back (L-Spine)

Don't wear jeans or trousers with metal buttons, belts, studs etc.

Wear trousers with no metal on them or leggings.

Again you may wear a completely plain abaya with embroidery or sequins on it.

Femur (leg), knees, ankle, feet.

For these its preferable to wear leggings so that you don't have to expose your legs. If you wear socks you will be asked to remove them. So wear leggings under your abaya/jilbab/trousers so that they can see the sape of your legs to position you correctly.

I know the types of clothes I have said is not ideal hijab so please wear them under your abaya/jilbab.

Again you may have to allow a male radiographer x-ray you in situations where there are no female radiographers available in these cases you may want a mahram to go with you, if it's a femal radiographer they can wait outside but if it's only males and they tell you there are no women available, tell them you would like your family member to be present.

Also if you are a women within the childbearing ages 12-55 years old you will be (or should be) asked if you are pregnant. This is sometimes awkward when mothers come in with their young daughters, it is just procedure so let your daughter answer. If you are pregnant please let someone know just in case they forget to ask you.

I hope this has helped inshaAllah, share with your female family members so that inshaAllah all Muslim women will be able to avoid awkward situations like men asking them to wear a hospital gown and take off their hijab.

iHijabi xxx


  1. Jazak'Allah khairun for the advice sis :)

  2. Salam
    Great Advice :)
    Plz let us know if we can borrow this for our blog Inshallah - its good to spread the word
    - xo


  3. Wsalaam, Yeah ofc go for it, that's the reason I made it so do share and pass on

  4. Asalamu-Alaikum sister! Alhumdoulilah that i have found you! im 18 years old, 2nd year of sixthform and ive decided that i do want to take Diagnostic Radiography for my course in university. i have couple of questions and i was hoping if you can help me sister? i wear the hijab and abaya and i was wondering if my attire will cause any sort of problems if i take this course and (inshaAllah) if i qualify? my second question is: ive researched on how the shift system works and apparently for radiographers, you guys have pretty long hours, work on weekends and do night shifts, so i was wondering, as a Muslim woman how do you do keep up with all this? i live at my parents house, obviously, but im a little concerned in what they may think about the shift system for this :| Jazaaka'llaahu khayran.