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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Calligraphy on suitcase

Today I went shopping and found some really cool things to experiment with, one of which was a mini suitcase which I bought to paint and do calligraphy on =D came out pretty good I think, what do you think?

Calligraphy inspired by Samee-al-Panda ;o)

I suppose you can use it as a mini suitcase to carry small things in or you could just use it as I have to store my jewellery inside. I think these would be super to have for yourself or to give as a gift on occasions like Eid (can you imagine little pink ones with flower & bows for little princesses?). I did only buy one to experiment with but I'm thinking of getting more iA.

I will be selling these at £9.00 (exc p&p)....

Currently I am taing pre-orders for Eid so if you'd like to buy one email me at ihijabi@gmail.com and I'll send you a paypal invoice inshaAllah, they should also be available to purchase on www.islamfactory.com/store in the near future as well.

Hope you like them iA

(= xxx

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