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Thursday, 14 July 2011

I want a Sheikh!

  • Why is it that all sisters want a Sheikh? Like.. a Sheikh with the voice of Shuraim, the khushu' of Budair, the deepness of voice of Hudhaify, who can make beautiful duas like Sudais, with the emotion of Muhaisini?!      For real!

  • Why is it that all sisters want a Sheikh with deep understanding of the very complicated areas of fiqh. Like if she asks him: What's the ruling on X or Y ; well he's straight: 'Qalaa Allaah wa Qalaa Rasuul..' [Allaah said, the Prophet said..]

  • They want a Sheikh who has knowledge of ahadiths and who could narrate the Seerah to her as her bedtime story. (I'm serious) 'So, Habibti, the Battle of Tabuk happened and the troops got ready.. hbiba, wake up I'm not finished.. ZzzZz'..                             Beautiful!

  • Why is it that all sisters want a Sheikh who will softly -I said softly- sprinkle droplets of water on her gentle little face to wake her up for Qiyaam-ul Layl every evening? Not only that, but since he's a hafiz.. well he can read the nice long surahs of the Glorious Qur'an with a soothing recitation that humbles the nafs to the max.      Awesome right?

  • Why is it that all sisters want a Sheikh who also has a good profession [£ + $ = kerching!!!] and who can provides well for her. They want a Sheikh who's up-to-date with the latest technologies and can text whilst driving single-handedly and with his elbow on the window side.    You know what I mean!

  • Why is it that all sisters want a Sheikh who attends all 5 prayers in the masjid (YES! Even the Fajr salaah), looking boom in his Khamis with a miswaak in the mouth and reciting the adkaar when going to and from the masjid.            Mashallaah!

  • Why is it that all sisters want a Sheikh who can sometimes surprise her at the most unexpected of times and not just bring flowers at home. Something like: 'Here's your tickets for Hajj my dear'      How romantic!

  • Why is it that all sisters want a Sheikh who is fluent in 'arabic and jungles between the 'Na'am', 'Ya3ni, Ya3ni' and 'Hayakallaah wa Barakallaah Feekum wa Jazakumullaah Kheiran Kathiran'     Ya3ni The language is important!

  • Why is it that all sisters want a Sheikh who is respectful, honest, kind-hearted, romantic, humble, generous, patient ect..ect.. I'm afraid the list is very Long indeed.

Because, we dream too much :-p       *Wakey wakey*       Such an individual probably does Not exist and even if he does, then he's probably somewhere faaaar! So, let's not make our expectations high especially when you, yourself are struggling with the minimum. There's nothing wrong in having minimum expectations, but please nothing like what I've mentioned above because it's just fairyland. I know, we all wish it was true.. I know! In Jannaah bi-ithnilaah if we make it we'll have all that and much more!

PS: When I'm saying 'Sheikh' I do not mean it in the literal meaning of the word which means: Old man but in the religious sense: someone knowleageable


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  1. i loved this!

    Assalamu alaikum,

    Just wondering if you could plz do a post on what to look for in a husband (to be)?

    like the important things..
    my list usually gets long like you said (haha) and all seem to be important.
    but how do you outweigh the other?
    do you know what i mean? :o)

    oh well..i guess you can see im a little confused.. (yes, i do agree about expecting the sun, moon and the stars while we struggle with the minimum ourselves..but where do you draw the line?)

    Take care

  2. Walaykum assalaam sister,

    I think I know what you mean, I'll try to do a post on where to draw the line (although for different people it'll be different)I guess you gotta look at potential rather than someone who has it all already, i.e. does he have the potential to become hafiz and are you willing to not only help him but also try to learn and grow with him?

    InshaAllah I'll do a post on what to look for in a husband, what really counts, what to give people leeway with and what you should not budge on. (=

  3. hehe.. Assalamualaikum Sister!! :)
    Beautiful post .. u actually made me dream more!! :P
    But u know what .. may be we dream so much bcoz back at the time of our Prophet(p.b.u.h) such mean actually existed! :D .. And because we hear their stories of how beautifully their treated their wives (Peace be upon them all) we kinda start expecting to find such men today too :D.. which is obviously very close to impossible! :D.. But well like u said inshallah, if we get the pleasure to be in Jannah then may be we'll get to be with such a man! .. Inshallah! :)

  4. I just realized there are way too many spelling mistakes in my previous comment :/ .. Please ignore!

  5. Lol don't worry about it, we understood what you meant =)