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Monday, 15 August 2011

Inspirational Muslims of today- Ali Ardekani aka Baba Ali

Now I know you've heard of Baba Ali, if you're a Muslim & you have the Internet then you almost certainly have heard of him! Baba Ali is on our Inspirational Muslims of Today list because he truly is inspirational mashaAllah. Through his video's he has inspired many young Muslims to better themselves and understand other people's perspectives in difficult situations whether they be your spouse or your parents...he continues to inspire many Muslims through his video's, web conferences and other various projects like HalfourDeen.

 Ali Ardekani aka Baba Ali


Baba Ali (Ali Ardekani) is the co-founder (along with Mahdi Ahmad) of UmmahFilms, a Muslim film company that has produced a web series including the "Reminder" series and "Ask Baba Ali" series. Though of Muslim heritage, he was originally irreligious and accepted Islam after studying many religions, including wicca.

A worker in the IT field by profession in California, Ardekani quickly rose to prominence within the online Muslim community with Ummah films that claim Islam is the best religion in the West and discuss various Islamic topics. Using humor, Baba Ali's work has found its way to television on the Islam Channel (Broadcast in the UK) and he has become a frequent guest at various Muslim conferences and events (Including the ICNA-MAS convention and Evening of Inspiration). His efforts have been featured in The New York Times and USA Today. Baba Ali recently launched his latest project, Half Our Deen, to help Muslims get married. currently writing the screenplay for a full length film.

His films have grown widely popular on Youtube, gaining over 10 million views.
Ali has also designed two board games, Mecca to Medina (a game about trading and negotiating, invented by Ali as an Islamic-themed game that can be played by all religions) and Kalimaat.


Baba Ali was raised in a secular Iranian family in America. Baba Ali said in one of his interviews that the only one that used to pray in his family was his grandmother, but that he thought it was a cultural thing to do. He converted to Islam "on Christmas" when he was 20 years old after attending a Muslim event. He is a practicing and observant Muslim


Ask Baba Ali Series

  • My Brother Has a Girlfriend
  • Worrying & Aging Sister
  • Little Backbiter
  • Randomly Checked
  • Racism & Pride
  • Escaping the Holiday Party
  • We're Just Friends with benefits
  • The Art of Complaining

The Reminder Videos

  • Half Our Deen
  • You Won't Hear That at Jummah
  • Marriage Interviews
  • Improving Muslim Schools
  • Why Islam
  • Haram Police
  • Pursuit of Cleanliness
  • Parent Negotiations
  • Fisibilillah Discount
  • Arrogant People
  • Ramadan Reruns
  • That's not Hijab
  • How Did You Convert
  • Who Hijacked My Religion
  • Culture vs. Islam
  • Seasonal Muslims
  • Distractions During Salat
  • Muslim Characters at Work
  • Muslim While Flying
  • $25000 Muslim Weddings
  • Spouse Online
  • Funny Things at Jummah
Baba Ali has also worked with Milo productions in a series called "Hurray for Baba Ali". Baba Ali takes a light-hearted approach to learning. The video is aimed at young children and the entire series consists of 13 episodes.

Here is one of Baba Ali's video's

So how and why did Baba Ali revert? Watch this video

Last video/audio I'm going to post is about how Baba Ali got married inshaAllah.

Next Inspirational Muslim of Today will be Muhammad Ali iA so watch this space! (=

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