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Saturday, 12 November 2011

My top facebook pet hates

Facebook things that really get on my nerves:

1. Random people (guys) adding you as if you know them

2. Marriage proposals from ''brothers'' over FB

3. Random people poking you as if you know them....actually just the poking in general (like what's the poke function for exactly?)

4. People that speak to you on FB but not in real life

5. People that only comment to leave a negative comment on your page and tell you that you're wrong. About everything. All the time.

6. People that feel the need to advertise on your facebook page (You don't know how much the "JOIN MY PAGE NOW" posts really get on my nerves)

7. People that tag you in the most random pictures that have nothing to do with you and leave a million comments (so you end up with a load of notifications that you don't really want to be notified about)

8. Islamic pages with admins who are self acclaimed scholars and argue with people of different schools of thought insulting them and calling them all sorts of names one of the worst being 'kuffar' even insulting other world renown scholars, like you really call yourselves Muslims? Is this how the Prophet pbuh spoke to people?

9. People who give you a running commentary on a show they're watching on TV

10. People who don't get the fact that you don't want to add them as a friend on FB and keep asking you if you got their friend request when they see you.

11. Offline hijabi's (& part time hijabi's) that take pictures of themselves without hijab and post it all over facebook.

12. People with constant depressing statuses

13. People who write in capitals (Stop yelling at me!!)

14. People who keep re-posting their old statuses

I think I'm just one of those people who gets annoyed with little things lol.......what are your top facebook pet hates?


  1. "10. People who don't get the fact that you don't want to add them as a friend on FB and keep asking you if you got their friend request."
    This actually tops my hate list.. So annoying!!
    One person in particular even asked me why I wudnt add him.. according to him.. he was "like my brother only".. while I had never even spoken to him EVER! :/

  2. Potential hijabi I tell guys straight...I don't add guys on FB so don't take it personally lol