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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Tag..You're it!

Hijab pinz came up with a fun tag idea yesterday which I wanted to share with you guys, a couple of sisters are taking part in this 'What's in your make-up bag tag' [take a picture of what is in your make up bag, share it on FB and tag Hijab Pinz] it's a fun way to get to know other sisters and see what you have in common...here was my tag picture

What's in my make up bag?....

Rimmel quad eyeshadow palettes x2, maybelline green palette, sleek acid i divine palette, maybelline blusher, MUA bronzer, rimmel london liquid liner, rimmel black & white duo liner, body shop brushes, other unknown brushes, Maybelline false lash effect mascara, rimmel eyebrow pencil, sleek pencil liner, sleek lipstick, a cotton bud =S body shop foundation base, NARS liquid foundation, MAC prep & prime eyeshadow base, eye lash curlers, MAC prep&prime finishing powder, maybelline mineral foundation, carmex, safety pins, hijab pins, concealer =S

Inspired by yesterdays tag, here is another you can all get involved with....

Winter tag.....

Take a picture of your winter....
-accessory [i.e. scarf/gloves],

Here are my pics

Suede Boots-from Zahra [shop on Holloway road]

Wooly hooded scarf with pockets- from Monsoon/Accessorize

Bag given as a gift- from Gap
Share the picture on FB tagging 'iHijabi' or for all you lovely bloggers upload a post with the picture and leave a link in the comment box below =D

Now that you've read it...TAG you're it!

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