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Friday, 13 January 2012

Princesses around the world

Salaam girlies!!

Every girl loves princess and the lovely dresses they wear, here are a few pictures of princesses around the world, which is your favourite?

Kate Middleton - Great Britain

One of my favourite princesses, she always looks really elegant in her long evening gowns. One of my favourites is the black lace dress, about a month ago I designed a jilbab very similar to this, it's still at the tailors and it has a teal satin layer under the black lace, will show you pictures when it's done iA

Princess Moe Yu San- Myanmar

Traditional outfits are the best on a princess always look nice.

Princess Victoria- Sweden

This is a gorgeous outfit!! It's embroidered with beads and pearls, looks so elegant and princessy! Although, I like the catwalk version better, those ruffle's aren't really my thing.

Princess Haya bint Hussein- Jordan

Princess Lalla Salma- Morocco

Princess Sarah- Brunei

Princess Mabereng- Lesotho

Princess Shahirah Aishah- Malaysia 

Queen Jetsun (not a princess I know)- Bhutan

So who do you think is the best dressed Princess and why?

[P.S I know this hasn't anything to do with hijab and true princesses are the ones that guard their modesty, I was myself shocked at the number of female royals even in Muslim countries that dont wear hijab, when their families force women of their country to wear hijab. Actually in my search I did not find even one Muslim female royal who wore proper hijab, Allah guide them all....royalty and luxury in this life means the total opposite in the next]


  1. My favourite has to be Queen Rania, I know shes not a princess but shes a Queen! :)

  2. lala salma morocco

  3. Princess Shahirah Aishah- Malaysia

  4. Salaam !
    this is again one nice blogpost of yours ! I always check your blog :) but I must Thank you , and hugely for including my country's princess ( Lalla Salma ) amogn your list !!
    lovely post !
    Check my blog if you want www.thoughts-of-a-little-women.blogspot.com

  5. Wsalaam sis (=

    I checked out your blog, following now aH. MashaAllah its good.

    I LOVE Moroccan clothes <3 Beautiful country, beautiful culture (=