Thursday, 19 January 2012

Hijabi Tag

Salaam girlies =D I thought it'd be fun to do a hijabi tag soo have a read and join in too *TAG, YOU'RE IT!


1. How old were you when you started wearing the hijab? 

I wore hijab on and off since I was around 12 or 13, mainly when I used to go to my aunts house or to some relatives house (I went to a Catholic school so I didn't wear it most days and didn't see the point of it). But I started wearing because I wanted to and not because I was told to by my mum when I started college so that was when I was 16 (=

2. What or who influenced you to become a hijabi? 

Well it was a few incidents in my life which took place around the same time and made me realise that life was too short. The main turning point was after my maternal grandfather passed away very suddenly in the Summer before college, I went to see him in his coffin along with the rest of my family and it just really hit home that I had to change my ways. That summer before college I told my mum I wanted to buy some abaya's/jilbab's she was shocked and said 'I didn't think you would even wear the hijab to college'

3. How has hijab changed your life?

It's definitely made me much more confident as a person, I'm not as self conscious as I used to be. It's changed my life quite dramatically because starting college in a hijab and jilbab made me automatically inclined to make friends with good people. I got involved with the ISoc and that was really the turning point of my life. The time at college made me more practising and gave me a real thirst for knowledge and passion for Islam...it all started with the hijab alhamdulillah!

4. What does hijab mean to you? 

It means to be modest inside and out. It's like you are now a woman, you have to be ladylike...or Muslimah like should I say. Hijab is not a piece of cloth its a symbol of your faith so it's your responsibility to represent Islam and Muslim women properly. Through the way you carry yourself, your speech, your clothing, your attitude, your etiquette etc.

5. How do you deal with the rude comments/stares you get due to being a hijabi?

Well alhamdulillah I don't get many rude stares or comments (or maybe I don't take notice of them so I don't even realise), I guess if its a stare I smile and if its a rude comment I'd explain....I get more inquisitive comments rather than rude, most people I have come across find the issue of hijab quite intriguing and are usually very respectful....maybe it's the area I live and study in, there are so many hijabis in central London people are usually cool with it.

6. What is your favourite thing about wearing the hijab? 

It makes me feel like I'm being respected, I like feeling like people are forced to listen to what I have to say or pay attention to what I do rather than the way I look (although that's not always the case). I like the level of respect I get from practising brothers, who look down, move out of your way and admire you just for being a Muslim woman, like they have a sense of duty toward you because you are their sister in Islam. But most of all I like being recognised as a Muslim so that's my favourite thing.

7. What is your hijab must have accessory?

Probably normal straight hijab pins....I wear loads because I like my hijab staying in exactly in place, my friends think I'm crazy sometimes because of the number of pins I might wear at any one time.

8. What advice could you give a newbie hijabi?

Be confident in yourself and your beliefs. Have faith that Allah and His angels are watching over you so you have got nothing to fear. Wear your hijab in a way which makes you feel comfortable (of course properly covering your awra)

9. What is one hijab trend you never understood?

The one where you wear a headband over your hijab which makes your bun look really pointy and stick out....Dunno how to explain basically hijab styles that tie (or headband that goes) under the bun on top of the scarf making the bun pointy and sticky out.

10. What questions do you get asked the most due to wearing the hijab?

Do you wear that all the time? Or How comes some Muslim women wear it and some don't?

Other questions I've been asked:
Are you a nun?
Does your hair grow under you hijab?
What is that called *pointing to my head*?

So that's it...alhamdulillah reflecting back on my hijab experiences I see most have been very positive, I know people say they get stares and stuff (well I do sometimes when I'm on the train esp after 7/7) but majority of the people I have come across have been really respectful and nice about it. But they again I have been told when I'm out and about I look expressionless which makes me look scary or unapproachable so maybe the mean people just don't dare lol. But no alhamdulillah there have been way more positives in my life after hijab than negatives.....

Please do the tag tooo!!!! You can leave your answers in the comments below or leave a link to your blog if you've got it up there so we can all read it too


  1. Mash'Allah awesome ! I loved it and did it 2 :) check my blog : http://thoughts-of-a-little-women.blogspot.com/2012/01/hijabi-tag.html

  2. I completely agree with your answer to number nine! I was looking into doing a hijab tag and I'm so glad i found yours :)