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Sunday, 15 January 2012

To pluck or not to pluck?...Now that is the question

Ok so a hot topic of debate amongst sisters 'plucking eyebrows'. I received an e-mail today from a sister who was considering plucking her eyebrows but wanted to know what I thought of it. If you do pluck your eyebrows, whatever your reason may be and whatever opinion you hold with regard to this topic please note that this post is for sisters who are thinking about plucking their eyebrows or just want to know what I think of the the whole topic. I am by no means implying anything against the sisters that do pluck their eyebrows and my intention is not to start a debate so please be respectful in your comments.

The sister e-mailed saying that she has bushy eyebrows and her family try to persuade her to pluck them, what do I think of the issue? Well I hold the opinion that plucking eyebrows is haraam due to the following hadeeth:

The Prophet (s.a.w.) also prohibited tattooing, cutting the teeth and widening the gap between them for the purpose of beautification, plucking the eyebrows, and wearing wigs and hairpieces for both men and women, (or the addition of any other natural or artificial hair.)

The Prophet (s.a.w.) said: Allah has cursed the Washimat [tattooers] and the Mustawshimat [people who get tattoos], the Namisat [eyebrow plucker's] and the Mutanammisat [people who get their eyebrows plucked], and the Mutafallijat [those who widen the gap between their teeth] for beauty, who change what Allah has created. (Al-Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Dawood, and At-Tirmizi).

I did go through a phase during my jahiliyyah in my mid teens where I did pluck my eyebrows (very unnoticeable though) I have quite light eyebrows alhamdulillah and I actually didn't have reason to pluck them but I don't know why for some reason with the tweezers in my hand I looked at myself in the mirror and thought 'gosh my eyebrows look horrible, I'll only remove a few stray hairs'. So I did, then the next time I looked at myself in the mirror I thought 'no, now they look weird I have to pluck a few more'.

I'm not sure if this happens to you but when you look at yourself in the mirror and actually look at you eyebrows they do look bushy or messy, you start noticing hairs that you had never even looked at before, not just eyebrows but everything about your reflection, you notice little things that you dont like.

No doubt the work of shaytaans waswasa. It started off with I'll just clean it up and then it became an obsession of having to remove those hairs when they grew back a tiny bit or looking at my face in the mirror and noticing things that no one else would notice unless they held a magnifying glass up to my face.

So my advice to anyone thinking about plucking their eyebrows please think about it carefully because once you start its VERY hard to stop.

The reason I stopped was because of that hadeeth, I heard a lot of conflicting opinions (not always from scholars but other sisters). I stopped because whether people agreed with it or not the issue became doubtful.

The Prophet (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “Leave that which makes you doubt for that which does not make you doubt. Verily, truth is tranquillity and falsehood is doubt.”
[Sunan al-Tirmidhi and Sunan al-Nasaai – Hadith Sahih]

I also realised that I commit sins every single day, some big and some small, I have such a huge pile of ever growing sins that I do knowingly and unknowingly so if there is a sin which is so easy to stop, then I have to take that step, let my eyebrows grow back and stop.

To some people this issue may not seem so major but for sister struggling to fight the temptation to pluck their eyebrows or struggling to put up with pressure from other people to pluck their eyebrows this is a jihad in its self and you will be rewarded for sacrificing this desire for the sake of Allah.

I know some sisters have a real issue with their eyebrows and I'm not even going to pretend I know how you feel or the struggles you go through. If you have any doubts about the issue please research the topic, speak to a scholar and then make your decision with confidence. You can only stick to a decision if you make it with full knowledge and confidence. If after you have done your research you come to the decision to pluck your eyebrows then that is absolutely your choice. When you base your decision on sound knowledge you will be able to stand in front of Allah and answer for your actions with noone to take the blame if your decision was wrong.

Btw I don't not pluck my eyebrows because of the reason 'it changes Allahs creation' because it grows back but I dont do it because we are to hear and obey. If the messenger of Allah forbade it then who am I to question why?

I have now gone years without plucking my eyebrows and to be honest I didn't really need to in the first place. I don't even notice them when I look in the mirror now because I just don't look at it. I stopped for the sake of Allah and this is one of my victories against shaytaan. InshaAllah one of many & more to come.

And Allah truly knows best.


  1. JazakAllah khair for the article sis. I've plucked my eyebrows during my jahiliyyah but I wasn't really obsessed with them lol. Alhumdullilah I found it reallyyy easy to just stop. Why risk getting cursed by Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala over something as small as eyebrows? I understand it can be hard with the pressure of peers and everything, but be strong sisters and leave it for the sake of Allah.

  2. wow is all i can say!!! .. Just 2 days ago I said I was going to start shaping up my eyebrow only cause i notice it was get thicker in one area .. then out of the blue I find your blog stating it haraam to do so. It so crazy to me cause it seem like every time I about to do something that im not suppose to do but didnt know.. the truely is directed to me.
    ALhumdulliah for this information sister


    1. Alhamdulillah, you are truley blessed sis, Verily Allah is guiding you and Allah guides whome He wills <3

  3. But is it okay to pluck them if they don't make you look feminine? I have very dark and thick eyebrows naturally and I really did start to look manly. My mom even suggested I start it.

    1. It is okay to pluck the area in between your eyebrows, because it's not part of the eyebrows, but part of your face, so it's permissible to remove that hair just like it's permissible to remove your moustache (because you're not allowed to look like a man) :-)