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Monday, 6 February 2012

For the love of....shoes

I love shoes, which girl doesn't right? Hang on don't answer that I know someone will say 'no I don't like shoes I prefer to walk bare feet' or something strange like that. Well I love shoes, not so much high heels (can't wear anything more than 2 inches) but I love the way they look. Anyway I was looking through some images of shoes and shoe designs and came across some very interesting looking ones (by interesting I don't always mean nice). What do you think of them? Which ones would you wear?

Lol seriously who do they expect other than lady gaga to wear this kinda stuff? Although I do like the converse style ones and the graffiti ones.

Some of these make my feet hurt just looking at them =S

I've always wanted to design shoes =D maybe one day hey? How hard can it be?

1 comment:

  1. i love the gold ones with the heart heel and the converse ones and the graffiti ones. But some of them look way too painful to even consider wearing!