Saturday, 18 February 2012

Your Random Questions Answered

The other day I put up a series of random questions just to get to know some iHijabi readers better....and this post is just my answers to those questions (=
What's your style?

-Elegant/lady like
-Vintage chic
-Laid back
-Classy & sophisticated
-Girl next door
-Lot's of bling
-Cute and girly
-A bit of everything except 'lots of bling' depending on my mood, I like to switch up every now and then
Describe your personality in 3 words...

-Reliable, Helpful, Friendly
What 3 things would you like to improve about yourself?

-Stop procrastinating, increase my iman, be more patient
What is one of your fears/phobias?
What do you think of the word 'normal'?
-I think there is no such thing, it's a relative word and varies from person to person
What are the top 3 things to look for in a potential spouse besides deen?
-Anger management, patience, if they have a genuine caring/gentle nature
What one thing do you miss about your childhood? 
-Being carefree, not having anything to worry about
What's your favourite dessert?
-Caramel tart & chocolate cake mmmm
Name one misconception people have about you... 
-That I'm really serious...that's until they get to know me
If I gave you £500 what's the first thing you would do with it?
-Buy lots of gifts for people, go on holiday maybe?
What is your favourite quote?
-"If something was not meant for you it will never come your way even if it was closer than your two lips, if something was meant for you it will not miss you even if it was under a mountain" - The wording is probably wrong but it went something like that and I don't remember where I read it.
If you had to choose one person to take with you on an adventure who would it be and why? 
-My friend Alia because she's a little bit crazy, always keeps me entertained and like experimenting
If your life was a book what would it be called?
-Flashy Princess takes on the world
What is your favourite word in the English dictionary?
-'phalange', because of this episode of friends

Phalange is actually the word for the bones in your fingers lol

So one of my questions was 'What one question would you ask me?' and I got a few so here are those along with their answers

Fatima Yusuf: It would be How are you today sister?

-I'm well Alhamdulillah!

Holly Winters: Who are you? I don`t know your name so I call you the ihijabi chick.

-Lol, erm how do I answer that? =S you can call me the iHijabi chick I dont mind =P

Kaddie Zaman: Wat do u do on the dayz everything is goin wrong and ur still tryin ur best 2 keep up ur eeman?

Surround myself with positive people with good iman, call my friends/cousins, spend time with good company...being alone in those times give shaytaan the opportunity to get inside your head. Obviously make lots of du'a too (=

Safiya Erin Güclü: how do u wake up for fajr? I sumhow manage to slp thru my alarm and the azan :(

-It happens to me sometimes too but best advice I can give which works for me is get someone to wake you up, sleep early, make sincere intention before going to sleep

Haile Tofy: what inspires n motivates your art?
-Architecture, Mosques, the Arabic language and calligraphy, Islamic history, nature.

Anzal Adhan Omar: What are some of the greatest challenges you've faced in life and how did u overcome them?

-My father having cancer. I just had to remind myself of Allah and destiny, put my complete faith in Allah and make lot's of du'a. Had to be strong for him and the rest of my family.

-People being two faced and stabbing you in the back when you're already at a low. I had to again put my trust in Allah and do more ibaadah, I learnt to grow a thick skin and not let people get to me so quickly.

Umm Aishah: How did you become ihijabi?  

-I've always had to have a way to express myself whether that be through art, poetry or writing. One Summer after writing an article about something that was bugging me 'feminism' I decided to start up a blog to express my writing in a way I can keep a record of it and so inshaAllah someone might benefit from it. 

My friend at uni came up with the name iHijabi and so when I was thinking of a name for the blog I kept that. I didn't want people to know who I was or what I looked like because I don't want to be recognised for this.

 I felt by keeping myself anonymous people would be forced to focus on what I have to say and judge me for the way I think rather than who I am or the way I look. I also didn't want people I know in my personal and work life to be able to google me and use things I have said against me if they don't agree with it.

And that's it (= hope you enjoyed that, jzk for all the girlies that joined in, was nice getting to know you all a bit better. Make sure you join my facebook page for more iHijabi updates, competitions, giveaways, pictures etc https://www.facebook.com/IHijabi

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