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Monday, 30 April 2012

Needle, thread & fabric

Assalaamu alaikum princesses!

If you follow me on facebook you would have seen me talking about some jilbabs I designed and may even have seen some preview pictures of them, well today I'm just going to post full pictures of those jilbabs and some other stuff. Both jilbabs have been designed for parties and occasions and obviously not for everyday wear.

I actually designed two jilbabs one which is sea green with a black lace layer on top and the other a light baby pink with a slit at one side revealing some peachy pink lace.

The first is this black & sea green jilbab

This is actually a plain green silky satin type jilbab and a black lace jilbab which is a bit bigger and longer to be worn over the green one, so they can both be worn separately or with other things. I like clothes which I can change up, adapt and wear again to create a completely different outfit altogether, you'll see the black lace in action again later on in this post.

The second jilbab is a light baby pink one with a slit on the left side

The tailor didn't actually make this one quite how I wanted it )= It feels a little short (and will defo be with shoes). I designed this one so that I could wear a corsage or a big brooch wear the slit started to dress it up for parties. The brooch in the pictures is actually a hijab accessory from Unique Hijab Pins. The baby pink jilbab is again a soft silky satin fabric but more matt than the sea green one above. This jilbab doesn't quite drape the way I want it to and I'm not sure if that's a fault in the design, fabric or tailoring.

Do you remember before I said I liked changing and wearing my outfits again in different ways? The next outfit is just that a mix between the above two jilbabs.

In this one I safety pinned the slit of the baby pink jilbab from the inside and wore the black lace one on top. You see how that changes the way the previous two jilbabs looked? I wore my Arabian Nites jilbab on top because I didn't want to show all of the inner jilbab, the brooch in the centre makes it look like this is one complete jilbab with a slit down the middle and another fabric underneath. The lace with the lighter colour stands out more as you can see more of the pattern of the lace with the baby pink jilbab underneath than in the sea green jilbab in the first picture.

So that's it for now (= what do you think of these? Like? No like? InshaAllah soon I will learn to sew so more of my designs can come to life (and look how I want them to)


  1. Salam sis!

    I love all of these looks, masha'Allah!! Especially the second one :)) You've got some serious skills. Good for you!


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