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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Confessions | Food glorious food

You know what really bugs me? (I know, a lot lol) but it's people complaining about food during Ramadan.

"that curry didn't have enough salt in it today, this fish doesn't taste good, this mango is over ripened, these farmers/shop keepers are ripping us off with these fruits"

Many of our brothers and sisters across the world don't have any food to begin or break their fast so quit complaining! You don't like it, that's cool, don't put it on your plate, otherwise keep your mouth shut and just eat it.

So yeah I'm a monster at suhoor times or at iftar after a long day fasting especially when I hear people judge the food Allah was so kind enough to provide us with.

The imam said today 'When people show gratitude to Allah for what He has blessed them with, He increases it (makes it better)' And there are different ways to show gratitude...example: showing gratitude for your eyesight by using them to look at things that increase your imaan and not looking at haraam things; for your voice by speaking the truth and not speaking unkind words; for your wealth by giving sadaqa; for your food by not wasting it and saying Alhamdulillah.

Be grateful for what you have today because tomorrow it might not be yours.

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