Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Confessions | I come bearing gifts?

I was buying a Eid gift for my mum and sisters online the other day and I came across the Eid goody bag's on Hidden Beauty's hijab facebook page, they're basically selling packages with a hijab, ring, chocolates, pins and a cute pin cushion. In my head I was thinking this would make a really nice gift, but the confession is I really wanted it for myself...so I ordered it thinking I will give it to them on Eid and I will keep the hijab...I know, so selfish =(

It came in the post today and I thought 'no, I'm just going to give it to my mum' so I did and she was really happy. Turns out she bought the same ring from the charity event so I figured I would keep it (what's she going to do with 2?)..as for the scarf, well me and my mum share ;o)

I'm terrible with buying gifts, I end up buying the same thing for myself because I only buy people things I would wear/use myself. So many times I've gone shopping only to end up buying something which was an intended gift for myself and then having to go shopping again for the gift....Admit it you're a little bit like this too?

Ramadan Resolution: Stop buying gifts for myself -__-

#Shoppaholic #NeedtoGetOverThePrincessInMe


  1. Hehehe it`s funny to read.
    I have that feeling too sometimes.
    But it depends on the person, not everyone
    has the same taste as me.

    XO Arezu

  2. OMG i am so a hijabi version of Rebecca Bloomeood, hence why ive read the full collection of books from cover to cover, i am the same. I always end up keeping things i bought as gifts for me self, or buy the sme thing eeeeeks.
    Just a quick idea i think the olive trees in palestine are a great form of gifts :) x

  3. I like this blog there are informative and awesome gift for all girls ,thanks for sharing this post.