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Friday, 3 August 2012

Confessions of a hijabi girl in a crazy world- The case of the shrinking jilbab

So today's confession is a mystery...lets see if you can solve it before you get to the end.

When I was going for Umrah in April my aunt made me and my sisters some plain black jilbabs. I wore sandals on the way there prepared for the scorching heat of the Arabian land along with the jilbab my aunt made.

I remembered my jilbab was a little too long that I had to hold the sides up as I walked into Heathrow, as well as being worried about getting it caught in the escalators (I have a phobia about escalators and long jilbabs/ maxi dresses, but that's another story which I might tell you about in another 'confessions' post)

I wore it in Saudi but I was glad it was long and covered my feet during salah, obviously we had to wash our clothes often because of the sticky heat

When I got back to the UK I put all my clothes into the washing machine as did everyone else in my family, after the clothes had dried we took our own clothes and put them away. The next time I wore the black jilbab it felt a bit short (not ridiculously short, but just below my ankles) Maybe I grew? I kept telling my mum how comes 'my jilbab feels short for me did it shrink in the wash?' My sister agreed 'yeah mine feels short for me too I think they did shrink in the wash' So I genuinely thought they shrunk in the wash =S

So for the past 2-3 months I wore the jilbab with flat shoes I complained to my mum whilst walking to taraweeh 'This jilbab is so annoying, I'm still wearing it because I like the material but I feel like a brother wearing a thobe'

Then yesterday my mum comes into my room and goes 'who's is this long jilbab that has been in my wardrobe all these days?' Mystery solved...Turns out I was wearing my mum's jilbab for the past 3 months thinking my jilbab had shrunk -__-


P.s. My mum is like a UK dress size 12 and wears jilbab length 52- 54 and I'm a UK size 8 length 56 now you can imagine how funny I looked.

1 comment:

  1. hahahaha this is funny.
    Every jilbab is too short for me.
    I need lenght 62/64.

    XO Arezu