Sunday, 24 February 2013

Confessions | Secret Admirer/stalker

This is quite an old story, I 'm surprised I haven't written about it already but yeah here goes.

I started working as a qualified radiographer in August 2012 in the hospital I trained at so I knew what I was doing, I knew all the people I was working with and knew my way round. 2 days into the job I was on my own covering 2 rooms during lunch, it was a bit mad running around trying to get the x-rays done, I called in the next patient. He was in a scrub top and plain trousers (member of staff), one headphone in his ear, limping into the room, trying to be cool but he looked like a fool to meeee ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬...just kidding, but yeah a typical freshy Bengali guy trynna look cool....lets call him 'Mr A'

So I got Mr A into the room asked his name and date of birth for confirmation then got on with x-raying his wrist, then he started asking questions 'how long you been working here? what is your job title? How many years do you have to study to do this?' Thing is I didn't think it was strange because patients always ask me these sorts of questions and I just took it as someone trying to make conversation, so being polite I answered his questions whilst trying to get on with my job..then he started a conversation about how proud he was to see Bengali's doing well in education and career wise especially women bla bla bla....by the end he left his 'extension number' because he worked in the hospital and said 'see you around', that's when I thought 'OK then =\' but I thought if I ignored it nothing would happen....how wrong was I?

A couple of weeks after that I was working in theatres, Mr A came down to the department and was hovering around the rooms I was working in when I x-rayed him,
one of my colleagues asked
'can I help you sir?'
and he replied 'yeah where's that girl that works in this room? She's new'
so my colleague replied 'who (insert English name here) ?'
Mr A says 'no the one that wears a scarf'
Then she says 'oh (lets call me iHijabi) iHijabi? She's working in theatres this week can I pass on a message?' (thinking he's going to give her a verbal message)

But then he pulls out a piece of paper and writes a message.

I was just finishing up a theatre case when my colleague called and said 'Can you come by A&E before you go back to the department?' I said 'Sure' thinking omg what have I done I hope I'm not in trouble or something.

I got to A&E and my colleague says 'Some guy was looking for you today, he told me to give you this' passes me a letter...I opened it and as soon as I saw his name went red 'You have GOT to be kidding me?!' So I explained the story to her and she just found it hilarious. It read....

'Dear 'iHijabi',

It's 'Mr A' here, you x-rayed me the other day, I hope you're well,
If you're free please give me a call sometime, here is my mobile number '___________' I work in rheumatology here is my extension number '______'

'Mr A'

What on earth was I supposed to do now? I wished I could just sweep it under the rug and hope nothing would happen (I'm really bad with rejecting people)...I spent the rest of the week looking over my shoulder and hoping I don't run into him in the canteen or something (I was literally rushing to the canteen getting my food and rushing back).

I was talking about the issue with my colleagues  asking what I should do, what if he comes back? etc etc They all started trying to search him on the hospital intranet to see his picture....One of my colleagues (lets call him Mr B) who's known for being a bit of a clown had a bright idea and said 'let me call the extension number and see what he wants, I'll pretend to be your secretary...' So we all sat around the desk, myself, another radiographer, some students and a porter..

He called...and put on the poshest English accent he could....

Mr A: 'Hello?'

Mr B: 'Hi I'm calling from the imaging department you came down to the department looking for my colleague today, I was just wondering what it's regarding?'

Mr A: 'I'm sorry I don't know what you're talking about' (Yeah right you don't! we all think)

Mr B: 'This is Mr A right? You came looking for 'iHijabi' today, you had an x-ray the other day'

Mr A: 'Who?'

Mr B: 'You know? iHijabi? The radiographer??!'

Mr A: 'Oh yh is she around?'

(at this point we're all on the floor laughing)

Mr B: 'Well no she's busy in theatres today, I assume you wanted to know about your x-ray let me have a look on the system for you...'

Mr A: 'Oh no I just wanted to speak to her, do you know when she's going to be free?'

Mr B: 'Oh I'm afraid she's going to be busy indefinitely'

Mr A: 'Oh ok no worries then, just tell her I wanted to speak to her.'

Mr B: 'I'll pass on the message.'

Puts the phone down turns to me and says 'He just wants to 'speak' to you'

It was the funniest thing ever! I feel bad now that we were laughing at his expense.

So I was hoping that would be the end of it, but one of my Muslim colleagues who is like an older sister to me said that I would have to just pluck up the courage and call him. She wrote down what I needed to say on a piece of paper and got me a cup of water in case I started to choke, I knew if I spoke to him I'd just burst out in laughter.

So I called, had it all ready, I was supposed to say 'hi is this Mr A?, it's iHijabi, I heard you've been looking for me? Well I'm not gonna beat around the bush I just wanted to say that I'm not interested in what your interested in, I'm engaged (I'm not really), so was there anything else?'

She told me rejection is hard but you're going to have to do it many times in your life....so I was ready....I called and he didn't pick up so I left it lol -__-

Since that time he hasn't tried to contact me again (thank God!) but I have walked passed him in the hospital and seen him at the bus stop outside work, he hasn't tried to speak to me (maybe he doesn't even recognise me? which would be ideal) but it's SOOOOoo incredibly awkward! Especially when we accidentally make eye contact when walking passed each other....it's been 6 months so it'd be even more awkward if I just went and told him I wasn't interested now so I will just have to deal with the awkwardness and the hoping I don't bump into him =S

My colleagues keep bringing it up and teasing me about it, one of my 'older' colleagues keeps asking me if I got roses from my secret admirer on Valentines, or when I say I can't cover someones late shift because I'm going out to eat with friends she asks 'is your admirer taking you out tonight?' and I just do that awkward 'half smile laugh' because I don't know what to say, It's all really awkward (like your grandma teasing you about some guy lol)

And yeah that's the end of my really long confession for today lol, should I be creeped out or flattered? I keep telling myself that maybe he was just trying to be nice and thought I needed a friend because I was new.....oh who am I kidding? -_-

#notInterested #noYouCan'tHaveMyNumber #WhatDidIDoToDeserveThis?


  1. Creepy! :S Good thing he didnt bother you again, alhumdulillah!

  2. I vote 4 'take it as a compliment'

    Kudos! You did all the right things, you
    a) didn't call him urself
    b) told others
    c) had witnesses
    d) didn't over-react
    e) found a way 2 laugh about it
    f) used it as a lesson 4 all of us

    I hope other sisters learn from your stalker-story b/c ur reactions were spot-on.

    Sadly, I never had a stalker! Whining...


  3. Lol, before I became a hijaabi and was working in an office, I had wierd experiences, I just used to brush them under the carpet and ignore it, and keep my distance. I think it's best to just not do anything, that way they will understand without you having to say it, and saves them the embarrassment.