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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Obsessed with....midi rings!

Salaam Salaam!

How are y'all doing? Good I hope!

Well today I didn't go to work )= My wisdom tooth has been growing since last August and every so often it flares up and becomes really painful. It's almost here but I've been in pain for the last 5 days and had to get my act together and finally go pay a visit to the dentist =S

Alhamdulillah I'm feeling a bit better now that I have some meds. As I was at home, literally doing nothing, I decided to do some browsing on instagram and stuff (as you do when you're off sick) and I came across this picture of Faryal Makhdoom wearing these super awesome midi rings!

I searched high and low all over the internet trying to find some midi rings like these, but no success

Me and my cousin bought a set of midi rings from Primark in the summer but as usual they didn't fit my skinny fingers, 2 of them became normal rings, 1 a sort of midi ring and the other two don't even fit my toes thats how big the rings are lol

Anyway during my search for Faryal's rings I came across some really pretty ones that I thought I'd share with you guys. You can find these on eBay, ETSY and there are even websites and blog posts that show you how you can make you're own with a pair of pliers and some jewellery wires.

So that's my obsession at the moment and I'm determined to find some unique, dainty, quirky midi rings.

What do you think of them? Any websites/sellers you would recommend?

I've planned some review posts, but my photoshop isn't working too great, once my little computer genius has fixed it I will be telling you about some of these great companies....

A little sneaky peak of one of the reviews I'll be doing...in love with this head piece =D

Till next time Salaam!