Sunday, 20 January 2013

Confessions | Sometimes I'm clumsy

I went to the canteen at lunchtime, for some stupid reason decided to open my purse whilst walking to get the food, the zip got stuck and when I pulled it the purse jolted in my hand and all the coins went flying. 

A paramedic shouted 'ohh FREE LUNCH' directing more attention to the clutz in the purple hijab (that's me incase you hadn't gathered), then along with some other guy, helped me pick up all the coins, as I got up after picking it all up a lady goes 'oh theres some more over there' pointing to 3p -__-....all I had were lots of coppers...#brokeGirl #feltSoStupid


  1. Asalam sis
    Was going to post in response to your facebook post about argon oil - but have no facebook account or blog boo hoo!

    I discovered fushi rosehip oil from hijabstyles instagram (alhamdulillah its one of the best moisturisers i've used and i have used LOTS)and the same company also does argon oil - if you do decide to use argon oil please do put up a review!


  2. HAHA, happend to me as well in a fully visited lecture. The prof even said "If someone has too much money, feel free to give it to me" Oh my so embarassing!!!
    Great blog <3

  3. Lol that happened to me on the bus!
    Great blog!